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  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop (The Aesop, stated many times as "be yourself!" is intended to be "the girl will like your actual personality than you trying to be cool". It actually says "the girl will like you better if you have a sweet ride.")

Harpie Siren: Umm.... WHAT?!

Ash: Anyone know why King of Thieves pissed Robin Williams off?

Lady Jafaria: Removed "Disney Villain Death." Jafar does NOT get a Disney Villain Death. He's defeated by being stuffed into a lamp, not killed, and when he does die in the sequel, it is not by falling off something, it's by having his lamp destroyed and dying in a way that would provide Nightmare Fuel if the sequel wasn't cheesier than Pizza the Hutt.

Syera: Actually, that was Nightmare Fuel for some children.

Also, how long is it gonna take to stamp out the rumor that Mozenrath was supposed to be Aladdin's brother? Gah, this one's persistent...