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I'm wondering about Dulcy the Dragon (from Sonic the Hedgehog fame). She was introduced during the second season, but she seemed to be there to up the dragon quotient more than the female quotient.

Puffy Treat: Just wanted to note that Miss Piggy was not the only recurring female character on The Muppet Show. Janice would be the longest-running example, featured in each season of the show and all three of the original movies. Oddly, Janice -did- eventually turn up in Muppet Babies, but as a girl considerably older than her later co-stars.

Calluna: Would Angela from Gargoyles be a good example?

Broken Chaos: The trope description seems a bit unclear. Does this only count if it's the second female character, or does it count if it's anything up to an even balancing?

gibberingtroper: I think this is mostly for second female characters, particularly when there is a large male cast and its clear they're making a token effort at getting a little more gender balance in the show.

Justice League is a good example, because, while Hawkgirl has been a member of the League at times in the comic books, she's not been nearly as popular as the other characters they used, and those other characters constitute six of the "Big 7." They added Hawkgirl specifically because the Big 7 had only one woman (they say as much in the DVD extras and commentary) and they gave her a power up (the Phlebotinum mace) to make her fit better on a team of mostly heavy hitters. But the writers fell in love with the character so that she became much more prominent than is typical of this trope. In Justice League Unlimited, Supergirl, Stargirl, Fire, and especially Vixen made this less of an issue and I wouldn't say they fell under this trope.