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04:35:53 PM Dec 31st 2015
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I'm for pro wrestling examples, but does TNA adding knockouts tag team titles really count? As I remember TNA had less women on the show when the belts were introduced than before and even if that wasn't the case, I'm pretty sure this is a trope about the number of cast members, not the number of roles available to them.

Similarly, women joining power stables is nice, but to me that isn't the same thing as joining the cast.

I think Wrestling Society X did something like only Lizzy Valentine, the Nic Grimes came, or vise versa, I know there is a valid example somewhere. I'm just not sure we've found it yet. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • TNA first only had a singles championship for its female performers but introduced a set of Tag Team titles in 2009 - though they were disbanded in 2013.
  • The stable The Oddities originally had Luna Vachon as its lone female member. Sable joined the group and was considered an honorary member after a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Stephanie McMahon was the only female member of the McMahon-Helmsley faction, also known as D-Generation X. After Tori turned heel and became X Pac's girlfriend, that put her in the group. It was also the only time in the stable's many incarnations that it had more than one female (Chyna had been said female when the group first formed).
  • Right to Censor very briefly for a storyline. Ivory was the only female in the stable, but a stipulation forced The Kat to become one of them too. However The Kat was released by WWE a week later so the storyline became an Aborted Arc.
01:40:51 PM Aug 6th 2014
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Massive Trope Decay, editors seem to think this trope is "adding a new female to the cast for any reason".
02:00:33 PM Aug 6th 2014
See, I thought this trope was "female is added to the cast and she's more competent than the guys."

I didn't realize it was just "female is added to cast that only has one girl."
02:16:42 PM Aug 6th 2014
The trope is "adding a woman in order to even out sexes", as the description states. Women added for any reason wouldn't fit, but the issue would be to tell why someone was added.
04:27:10 AM May 23rd 2012
Wait a sec. Wasn't Tex (in red vs blue) just introduced in episode that wasn't a new season, spin off or the like. just introduced gradually over 2 or 3 episodes? If so does she still count?
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