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01:40:51 PM Aug 6th 2014
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Massive Trope Decay, editors seem to think this trope is "adding a new female to the cast for any reason".
02:00:33 PM Aug 6th 2014
See, I thought this trope was "female is added to the cast and she's more competent than the guys."

I didn't realize it was just "female is added to cast that only has one girl."
02:16:42 PM Aug 6th 2014
The trope is "adding a woman in order to even out sexes", as the description states. Women added for any reason wouldn't fit, but the issue would be to tell why someone was added.
04:27:10 AM May 23rd 2012
Wait a sec. Wasn't Tex (in red vs blue) just introduced in episode that wasn't a new season, spin off or the like. just introduced gradually over 2 or 3 episodes? If so does she still count?
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