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Working Title: A Father To His Men: From YKTTW

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"* General Sir John Monash, in WWI. He continually promoted the concept that a commander's role is to, above all else, ensure the safety and well-being of their subordinates. Notably, after the Battle of Hamel, where his leadership led to a 92-minute victory in conditions which would have otherwise taken months, his men remarked that the most extraordinary thing about the battle was not the tactics, the weapons or the incredible success of the operation, but the fact that Monash had hot meals delivered to the troops whilst the battle was ongoing.
  • Otherwise taken months? No. To this troper, that's gross hagiography even when it's written about another Australian. In fact, Hamel was 94 minutes long and the real innovation was parachute air-drops of ammunition to advance parties of machine gunners."

Didn't everything take months in WWI?