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urutapu: Can someone tell me if all the characters end up with Dullahan powers or something? There's a bunch of official artworks on the anime's website showing everybody using them. I'm especially interested in Shinra's Southern belle dance partner.

Rfandom: They don't; that's a false spoiler that's been going around. Um, speaking of false spoilers, the page has been written according to the theory that Seiji's girlfriend is literally wearing Celty's head. Which she isn't, but the anime hasn't reached that point yet. It shouldn't be a problem if we leave it for now, right? Is there a better way to separate novel and anime information?

urutapu: I don't see a real reason to divide them, it's the same plot, I assume. Now I'm intrigued if that Selty's head bit is indeed not the case, although I'll just assume now that Selty's head is dominant over the body and has the same personality but is rather impaired similarly to how her body is?

Attilargh: For those who don't follow the page history, thanks a bunch, person who added the light novel spoilers. *glaaaaaaare* I'm not saying you shouldn't have (after all, that's what we're here for), I'm just saying you could've at least waited until the anime'd aired. Now people who only watch the anime can't edit the article without risking spoilers for stuff that won't be aired for ages.

Nobody remove that disclaimer, okay? If some yahoo removes it, heads. Will. Roll. And not even being Irish can save you.

Tumbril: This series is begging for a character page. exactly do you make one and get the little icon?

urutapu: I'm pretty sure if you make it in the Characters space it'll automatically appear.

Sparkysharps: It's a simple case of clicking here and going to town on it.

Tumbril: Done! Thanks for the help. The page is...lacking, right now, but it'll get better.