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Clarste: re: tsundra. That is a terrible, terrible attempt to translate the pun. I wouldn't get it upon seeing it, and most people I know didn't either. I had to spend quite a bit of time on message boards explaining the joke to people after the gg translation where that comes from came out. So no, I don't think it's self-explanatory as it is, nor is it particularly funny. Most people go "what's a tsundra?" for obvious reasons.

In Japanese, the proper pronunciation for the loan word "tundra" is "tsundora" which you might note is rather close to "tsundere". However, there is no twisting of the word into some nonsensical compromise, Araragi simply uses the word for tundra, implying an Ice Queen of some sort. Writing tsundra kills the joke in both ways. It becomes nonsensical to everyone. The elegance of the pun drops to negative numbers while at the same time it's impossible to get unless you already know what the joke is supposed to be beforehand. It's horrible. I don't know of any better translation, if one exists, but leaving it like that is not an acceptable compromise. I'd rather ExplainTheJoke than have a nonsensical pun. Since it's not even necessary here, I think I might as well remove it entirely. Feel free to add it back if you want to explain it better.

  • "Your character is what people call 'tsundra.'"