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  • Okay, what trope does Deputy Director Shimada in The Last Hope fall under? I'm not sure if he is a Smug Snake or some other trope.

MikoGalatea: Just cut this from the article and replaced it with something much more succinct. I'm sure we don't need two giant paragraphs to establish that Edge is an Accidental Pervert.

  • Accidental Pervert - Thrice for Edge in The Last Hope. The first occurs at the top of a town on Lym's homeworld. The team needs to climb down to the bottom of the tower and Edge offers to go first while everyone else follows him afterwards. Reimi refuses and calls Edge a pervert. It happens again when the party arrives on planet Earth through a wormhole within a black hole. Reimi is captured by the US Army, so, naturally, Edge and co. must save her. When they find her, she's sleep in a bed with nothing but a brown sheet to cover her body. She awakes rather abruptly. The sheet falls to the ground and Edge inadvertently gets a look at her breasts. Yet again, Reimi calls Edge a pervert and slaps him.The third time is optional. Edge goes into the male bathroom and finds Sarah without her glasses. Because of this, she tells him to find her glasses, but they're in the other bathroom. Feeling nervous, Edge sneaks in but sees Reimi's figure in the shower to recover Sarah's glasses. However, she comes out and boss music plays. Afterwards, she gets angered at him and slaps him while wearing only a towel.
    • This happens a fourth (optional) time in Last Hope, leading this troper to wonder if there are even more optional Accidental Pervert moments. In this incident, Edge walks into the bathroom while Reimi is in the shower; her nude body can be seen dimly through the fogged-up glass. Reimi hears a sound and asks who is there. Instead of booking it, apologizing, and/or explaining the situation, Edge makes a few meowing noises. Reimi says, "Oh ... it's just the cat ... EXCEPT WE DON'T HAVE A CAT —" and proceeds to kick Edge's butt. (This takes place before the party does gain a cat, in the form of Meracle, shape-shifting catgirl.) This scene is probably meant to provide context for the second optional scene in which Edge has to go into the bathroom where Reimi is showering once again (described above).

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