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Medieval European Fantasy: Meridell, though that might be a subversion since the most fantastic thing is a faerie; others can be found all over Neopia.

"The most fantastic thing is a faerie?" You mean, apart from the giant floating dark citadel and the demons residing there?

Insanity Prelude: I'm rather amused how an ad for Poogle plushies came up in the sidebar after I added the bit about Revenue-Enhancing Devices. (I admit it, I have a Rainbow Aisha plushie from when I was fourteen though.)

Freezair For A Limited Time: While I detest what Neopets has become, I must admit that I still have my blue Kacheek plushie... Sure, it's dirty as heck because it's as old as the hills, but it still sleeps on the bed with my stuffed animals, right next to the whales sits in a very mature-looking position among my totally grown-up, collector-style plushie collection.

DomaDoma: As some kind of old-timer proving ground, I just got the urge to share with you all that when I first got a Neopets account, Bruces were human caricatures called Bruce_Forsyths, Kaus were similar figures called Macy_Grays, Kacheek Seek was the most profitable game, there was no Battledome, Dr. Sloth hadn't appeared, and, I shit you not, there was some kind of Heaven-Hell continuum they were working on, and I, a nine-year-old armed with MS Paint, submitted one of the more Heavenish "levels".

Also, if anyone can find archives of the first Dr. Sloth and Maraqua plots, that'd be awesome.

Freezair For A Limited Time: The first pet "transformation" I remember seeing was when the Tatsu became the Eyrie, for reasons that still baffle me to this day. I think the first pet I saw released was the Meerca.

My pets were Pets of the Week once, too. Ahh, I remember the Neomail bombing well..

DomaDoma: Pet of the Week! I totally forgot about that! (Which reminds me - the forums had a "Pet Cemetery" which was basically nothing but an excuse for users to wring donations out of people - I'd say "scammers", but really it's so pathetic as to make the other Neopets scammers look dignified by comparison.) What the heck was the first new pet release I saw? It must have been the Grundos; I don't think I came in that long before Dr. Sloth.

I actually got published in the Neopian Times once - right after Krawk Island started up, by the looks of it, back before the Neopets Team began a concerted effort to make us all forget about the Old Maraqua plotline. Here you go, and note the Sailor Moon-inspired username and total melodrama. Damn, I used to be really proud of myself for that thing.

My sister got a Rainbow Frost Cannon before the Battledome was even discussed as a serious idea, and she never failed to rib me about it during any battle-related plot she was actually following. But then she sold her Hypno Helmet before it was worth anything, so nyeeaaah.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I had a piece in the Neotimes based on aforementioned Tatsu/Eyrie conversion, which I got massively butthurt about.

And the Rainbow Frost Canon! One of those was my Kacheek's signature weapon! I got one before they were worth anything, too, though I'm sure my old account has long been deleted for inactivity. I had a couple nicely rare things—I had an Electric-colored pet and a Faerie-colored pet (my secondary account), as well as a Poogle. (Once upon a time an Usul, before Usuls became boring.) One of my pet's names misspelled "Zephyr," and another had a Legend of Zelda-reference name with "007" appended to it.

Was that really eight years ago? Lord...

DomaDoma: Do they disable accounts for inactivity?

No, I've successfully logged on as myself and as my sister, and I don't think either of our accounts have been active for, like, four years. And somehow, I'm able to resist the siren song altogether. I suspect it's the Merchandising Gone Mad.

Wasn't able to find your article under the search terms '"neopian times" tatsu eyrie' - if you can scour it up, I'd love to see it.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Can you search by username? I was just "freezair" there. (Also sad: I have had this handle for that long.) If so, maybe it turns up through that. Or maybe they deleted it for being a waaaaaaah-fest. *shrug*

DomaDoma: Found it! I forgot that they let you submit articles under your pet's name if you wanted. Anyway, congrats, you were actually a decent writer back then. :p

Tigrens, hmm. I forget what they looked like, but I do remember the first iteration of the Acara can't have been an improvement over anything. The cutesification of the Acara was a definite step up, but forcryingoutloud: Buzz, Graarl and Skeith should not be cutesy. What, aren't the boys with the dinosaur fixations a toyetic market too?

Waveblade: I remember reading that story years ago. I think I joined a month or two after the Tatsu to Eyrie conversion (My first pet was and still is an Eyrie.). I also remember when Snow Faerie quests were much easier.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Be very glad that the Wangst-fest that was my Balthazar fanfic never got published (due primarily to being unfinished); otherwise I'd lose all my dignity. XD I used to know what all the pets used to look like in all their forms, but that knowledge has long since left my head.

And yet I remember that there used to be a Goldfish (as in the crackers) game that was both fun AND a good money-maker...

DomaDoma: I had to rack my brains for a bit, but now I remember - it was basically Feed Florg for the people who couldn't stand to watch the Petpets suffer, so yeah, that definitely did get a lot of play from me.

Hmm, games... I seem to remember having Gormball basically figured out back in the day, but it's more likely that they adjusted the odds than that I had some Secret Arcane Knowledge. Meerca Chase was addictive as all git-out, to the point where I didn't realize that I earned more NP on medium than on hard. Oh, and I seem to recall making Grumpy Old King something more along the lines of "heartening" than "funny" throughout the whole Darigan thing - yeah, between that and the aforementioned Maraqua weepfest, I think we have conclusive proof that I always took stories way too seriously.

Crowley: Is this troper the only person on TV Tropes who still plays regularly? And likes it? She feels lonely.
  • I play it! I have become paranoid about mistreating my pets by abandoning them.
    • You're not the only one. I play daily and enjoy it (also finding the Unpleasant Fanbase to be a tad annoying).
    • Hayati plays this game regularly as well. If for some reason, you want to contact him, his account is Pigfish99.
  • See, You Are Not Alone. This troper plays too.
  • And I know you, since you are from the NTWF...