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  • I Knew It: That the Matoran lived inside Mata Nui was a long discussed-rumor before finally being confirmed at the end of the Matoran saga.
Wysp: There's a BZ Power member here; no way anyone could have known about that unless they were there. Where are you?

History says 'Drakhan' added that.

Drakhan: Yeah, I'm a BZP member. I mostly lurk around the Official Greg Discussion thread, but I still saw enough of the "Mata Nui is the Matoran Universe!" "No he's not!" argument.

Wysp: Yes, it's me again. I was wondering if we should stick the MU stuff in a file or not, for compression purposes. Or is that necessary?

Drakhan: I don't think so, but I do think some compression is in order. Right now I'm working on a Character Sheet page, and once the basics of that are done then we can remove the long group descriptions from the main article. We could also move out some smaller trope examples to a character page (like Silent Bob, which only applies to Vamprah).

Question question question: I've added some tropes here, but they got removed. Did I lack the proof for them or were the examples unnecessary?

Fast Eddie: This mini-Edit War comes down to what defines 'minor'. That is sort of like a 'notablity' argument, which we avoid. If the tropes occurred, they can be included. They don't have to be the theme of the show, they just have to be instances where the trope has been used to tell a story.

KZN 02: Will a Rahi and Creature subsection in the Character page suffice?

KZN 02: I'm considering removing the "MacGuffin" trope from here. Ignika and Vahi are pretty significant and dangerous items, and they have been used. Does anyone have anything to add?