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Nezumi: Okay, I'm confused. I didn't read the trope description before posting, as I should have, and try to do. So... it's supposed to be fictitious examples of how not to post to the Wiki... but at least half of these are genuine edits. And several of the ones that aren't genuine edits are just general bashing of the Troper Tales section of the wiki... which... why bother bashing it? It's entertaining to read about other people's experiences with real-life tropes and add your own, and as far as I can tell, it really isn't hurting anything — in fact, it's helping with the problem that these used to go onto the standard trope page, choking out legitimate entries. If they were nuked like some people suggest, people would almost certainly just go back to doing that again.
Dragon Quest Z: If there are bad examples, we get rid of them. Cutting is a last resort to problems that can't be fixed. Try to fix this first!

macroscopic: Seconded, this isn't beyond repair.

Dragon Quest Z: I deleted any that looked like real things.