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Seth: I hold great objection to using this name for a wrestler when a series like The Sandman exists. Ive been meaning to write a page for it since i started reading it.

If you must have an entry for this guy use Jim Fullington - for his real name and leave the title for the novel series.

Dark Sasami: Agreed completely. This is doubleplusungood.

Seth: Or better yet just create an entry for Harcore Wrestling and lump him and any other hardcore fighters in with it. We don't need entries for every wrestler/actor/director/character that exists. It gets pointless. We are more general than Wikipedia - not everything needs logging.

Dark Sasami: Now hang on, this is actually supposed to be a trope; it's just too detailed in its description of the prime example. It's not an article on one wrestler. However, we have always challenged individual trope names that are the same as the name as a series, and for good reason. So the trope needs renaming, and the character needs to go into an Examples section.

Seth: If it is supposed to be a trope call it Hardcore Fighter then, use the character type instead of the name of a character who embodied it.

HeartBurn Kid: You know, I'm going to go ahead and move this over to Garbage Wrestler. I've never heard The Sandman used as a general descriptive term for a wrestler (unlike, say, Ricky Morton), and Garbage Wrestler seems to be the more generally agreed-upon term, at least at the boards I frequent. //Later: Or rather, I would, but the move tool seems to have gone missing from the sidebar...

Robert: It's still on the old sidebar page -

HeartBurn Kid: Thanks for the pointer; however, I don't think it's actually working anymore... it copied the old page to Garbage Wrestler, but didn't turn the old page to a redirect or change any of the references in other pages (which I guess is a good thing, since most of them referred to the comic and not the wrestler). Here we go, manually tweaking things... wish me luck. :)

Seth: And that's my 2 hours of editing done, sorry if i trampled anyone's edits by mistake. It should be safe to edit now.

Amake: I'd like to point out that the description of the transformation of Delight into Delirium, while possible, is pure speculation and more pessimistic than I'd give Gaiman credit for. "She discovered that cruelty and lies outnumbered joy and delight"? I call bullshit.

Solandra: Yeah, there's no clear explanation given for why Delight became Delirium. It could have been the universe changing, her failed marriage (she says she used to be engaged once in a sidestory, IIRC), or her gaining too much knowledge of the world, but none of these are official. Changed the entry to something more accurate. (Though I do think the explanation would be appropriate; it isn't quite accurate to call Gaiman a "happy ending" writer.)

Amake: Not happy endings, no, but the beginnings and middles aren't particularly sad. The writer of the above quote seems to believe that the world is in fact thoroughly cruel and can't imagine any other reason for Delirium to go nuts. I just thought it was depressing.

Antheia: Removed Devil, but No God from the trope list. While we never get to see him, mention is made several times of The Creator in The Season of Mists. The Creator was also who Lucifer rebelled against.
Mitchell TF: Can someone add the explanation for who dies first, Destiny or Death? I remember a discussion of how that worked out, but...

- For what it is worth, it is Destiny. Death is the one who, at the end of the universe, turns off the lights and locks the door behind her.