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01:41:15 AM Dec 8th 2014
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Any Eldritch Abominations in Sandman?
10:25:27 PM Nov 6th 2013
Will the new prequel series go here, or would it have its own page?
07:36:31 AM Nov 7th 2013
Not that I have any say in this, but it seems natural to deal with the prequels on this page (possibly but not necessarily dividing the page into "The Original Series" / "The Prequels" sections). If you want it to have its own page (or, conversely, if you want to avoid this) you may want to create a thread for discussing it in the forums, where the people who do have a say are more likely to see it. It would be nice in that case if you posted a link to the thread here, for the benefit of people like me who don't spend much time in the forums.
02:32:59 PM Apr 1st 2010
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Pulled the bit about Terry Pratchett having a version of the Endless whose names all begin with "S". I don't know where this idea keeps coming from, but he doesn't.

(Why would Terry have a parody of Neil's Death? He's got his own Death.)
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