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What about the trope Almighty Janitor? It's similar (but not exact) for two characters. Flycatcher continues occasionally working as the janitor of Fabletown even after he becomes king of Haven. Doesn't exactly fit, because he has power somewhere besides the organization he works as a janitor in. Geppetto doesn't technically count as this, as he is actually the leader. However, only the very top of the organization knows about it. To everyone else, he's a peasant out in the middle of the woods who, for some reason, no one is supposed to bother on pain of death.

Enough with the Israel-bashing edits, people. Bigby made one speech in one issue about Israel's defence policy, and it was directly relevant to the situation, whether you agree with the political philosophy or not. And why is it that for so many readers Willingham's (relatively moderate) conservative stances, only occasionally expressed in Fables, are some sort of colossal Wall Banger when Alan Moore, Jamie Delano and numerous other writers on the other side of the political spectrum are given a free pass for their much more Anvilicious (albeit also of high literary quality) works such as V for Vendetta? I call Double Standard.