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Things someone should do sometime: look through the older spider-killing strips to see if any of them qualify Garfield for Rape The Dog. —Document N

Sylocat: In the paragraph where it said Jim Davis "stated that he created the strip solely to make money," I added a sentence on the end saying, "On the other hand, at least he was willing to admit it..." I think that deserves a little mention.

Inkblot: But he didn't. He made Garfield a cat to appeal to the masses (his older comic featured bugs, which a newspaper editor told him that no one would be able to relate to), but that's not why he created the comic itself.

Slvstr Chung: Is there a trope that can handle the infinite loop in Garfield's voice actors? First there was a Ghostbusters cartoon, with Lorenzo Music standing in for Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, and eventually voicing Garfield. Then Mr. Music passes away, and who should take over for him as Garfield but... Bill Murray. (What happens when he moves on?)
Mr Initial Man: The computer games I mentioned are so old, they were played on computers that had green-and-black screens.