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09:57:41 PM May 24th 2015
Am I the only one who prefers the drawing style from mid-1979 to around late 1982 (when the eyes started to grow), especially before September 1980 when Garfield had a bigger nose? And he always traveled on all fours except for when it was absolutely necessary for a joke?
01:19:53 AM May 25th 2015
Maybe? You might want to put this opinion in a review.
05:22:16 AM Jun 11th 2013
Should Garfield be considered a franchise? He's appeared in huge amounts of media.
07:58:15 AM Jan 13th 2011
Also, in one classic comic strip, Jon wondered what "pets were doing when they don't think their owners are watching. Let's find out." He peeks over the chair to find Odie and Garfield playing 5-card draw poker. "I don't believe it." A disgusted Garfield says of a smug Odie, "Neither do I. Odie had an inside straight."

Odie at times has "idiot savant moments," two in the daily strips included:

1) Odie looking at a sudoku puzzle, scribbling in it with pencil, and Jon reads it to find out Odie solved it (Odie walks away whistling) 2) After Garfield beats a video game (a chime, then "Congratulations! You just saved the princess!" is heard), Odie does the same thing one strip later. He gives a grinning thumbs-up to Garfield, who smiles and gives one back.

In one Sunday strip, Odie locks himself into the car while Jon and Garfield are outside. The final joke panel though, shows Jon and Garfield soaked while Odie is enjoying a chicken drumstick and a bag of chips while the boombox plays a song.

Jon: "Something just occured to me, Garfield. Could it be...?" Garfield: "Could it be, Odie isn't as dumb as he looks?"

This might be Odie Obfuscating Stupidity per Rule of Funny, showing he's not all dumb.
08:03:25 AM Jan 13th 2011
And for that matter, Odie has moments of courage.

In one Sunday strip, after a bigger dog tried to take a bite out of Garfield, Odie growls at the dog, teeth bared. Bigger dog runs off. "Dogs...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em," Garfield concedes.

And of course, courage and flash of insight with "Garfield in Paradise," as he suddenly looks like has an idea while trying to fix the Five-seven. He taps part of the car with the hammer...and it starts up. This causes the Five-seven to race to the volcano...and over it, with Odie and Monkey still on/in it.

Cue explosion where the Cruiser was reunited with his beloved ride and they streak off. Garfield is shown with some genuine sadness when he thinks Odie might not have made it...and geniune happiness when it's shown Odie did (with Odie's theme playing as Odie reappears). Then cue comedic version of theme for Monkey "Boy, we need to fix those brakes!"
07:46:55 AM Jan 13th 2011
For Jon's job, though, in the "Garfield and Friends" episode "Caped Avenger," we see Jon talking to a man about a comic strip he might be interested in. Seeing Odie in his "Slurp" outfit, the man wants to get Jon to draw Odie as the new hero for the strip. Cue Jon at the drawing board, getting Odie to pose. It might not have been mentioned in the strip, but it had been hinted if not said outright in the cartoon.
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