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On the Jerk Sue entry:

I have returned the trope to showing 'both sides of the story', though even now, the entry mostly supports the Jerk Sue line with only a cursory nod to those (like myself) who believe it's not an absolute certainty. The Word of God part being entered as a note is also important, for the simple fact that it only mentions Tails. This is strong support for a Jerk Sue entry but it is not proof this was to be an overriding character trait with other characters, nor does it deny the various situations that have come up in both the online 'and' physically published comics where Sonic's behaviour has come back to bite him, or where his being a jerk has been lampshaded.

Only remove the already weak counter-point when there's proof this can't be Alternate Character Interpreted, or someone Word Of Gods this was the entire intention of the writers (not just relative to one character), or that the 'consequences' never existed.

- Chibi-Kibou

Sovereign Class Student: This little scwabble is getting old. Opinion isn't devided from what I've seen, since you are the only person saying otherwise. By your logic I can just say that Sonic is The Wesley "by some interpritations" since the comic got rid of all their other Sega-game strips to give their Sonic series more focus. But unless a pages says "Subjective" at the top it's for facts. You haven't given a single good argument to lable Sonic as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Yeah, with that kid with the badnik, he petted the dog once. It takes more than one Pet the Dog moment to give a Jerk Ass a heart of gold.

Lets look at the Jerk Sue page a little closer-

The basis of this trope is the tendency of many writers to create a bitter, ill-spirited, confrontational, or downright mean character and still play them up as an ideal person, or just get away with being a bullying jerkass. The other characters tolerate the antics (which can range from petty to sociopathic), allowing him/her to walk all over them and talking them up in their conversations with each other. Common synonyms include "strong", "tough", and "rugged" while common topics include how much better they've made their lives through their "tough love" or whatever Freudian Excuse supposedly justifies their behaviour. It's often an unsuccessful or inept attempt to play on Jerkass Dissonance.

Notice the line where it states the basis of a Jerk Sue. "and still play them up as an ideal person." Which they do to Sonic. And "or just get away with being a bullying jerkass." Which Sonic does.

This petty argument ends now. I left the Alternate Character Interpretation trope on the list, so lets leave it at that.

Truro: Agreed

Chibi-Kibou: Whatever, at least you show your colours by returning things to your opinion from a less than neutral compromise (skewed in your favour by the Wordof God note), then calling an at least civil argument petty and claiming an end even as you wrote a hastily withdrawn Take That! into the Alt'Interpretation bit. If it's so important to you to get your way, fine, it hasn't changed the positive outlook I hold on a childhood favourite, and I can go away knowing you've shown yourself too self-absorbed and insecure in your own opinions to so much as allow proper reference to other perspectives even in the note where they should go, let alone neutral footing.