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Avogadro: "Grandfather Clause: For some a lot of fans, this is the only explanation for the Great Ten." How do they apply to the Grandfather Clause? They were created for 52, they aren't remnants of an earlier era/mode/idea/etc.
  • Ok I guess Egg Fu counts, but if he's the only one I think it needs to be listed in the trope example.
    • biznizz: I agree, Egg Fu should be the only listing for Grandfather Clause. But is there a trope to accurately describe the Great Ten?
    • Avogadro: Captain Ethnic is the best one we have for them right now, since they are Chinese heroes heavily influenced by Chinese mythology, culture,etc. Is there another aspect of them you want to invoke?
    • biznizz: I think Yellow Peril would fit, but not for all of the Great Ten. Egg Fu and August General in Iron definitely. Socialist Red Guardsman and Immortal Man in Darkness are some kind of gung-ho Jerk Asses. Ghost Fox Killer is a Psycho for Hire (she's a little too excited to kill heroes and add their souls to her collection). Thundermind and the Accomplished Perfect Physician on the other hand, actually try to help and appeal to reason... so maybe Only Sane Man for both?
    • Ok, I see what you mean. I think the best way to tackle this would be to have a trope like Five-Man Band or The Psycho Rangers and list the great ten in it, then have a list going down from there with each respective member's role (Dragon, Lancer, Psycho for Hire, etc.) I don't actually have the books for this series (got them from the library), so if you want to spearhead this go for it, I can't really check back on how they fit together for the time being.
      • I put the Great Ten under Five-Bad Band, but tried to stress that they aren't necessarily evil. Check to see if it's all good.
      • Nice job. I stream-lined the Mother of Champions entry, but otherwise it looks great.