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11:44:13 AM Nov 9th 2010
I'm almost positive that there is an already-existing trope that covers a persons attempt to deal with tragedy through meaningless sex, a carnal version of Drowning My Sorrows, but I can not seem to find it anywhere. It applies to Renee Montoya in the beginning and middle of the series; the series starts with her picking up random women to deal with the death of Crispus Allen and being left by Daria, and in Kahndaq she hops into the bed of the first women she meets after being forced to kill a young girl that Intergang used as a suicide bomber.

However, I can't think of which trope this would be. Does anybody know?
10:57:00 AM Jan 8th 2011
Okay, I could not find such a trope, so I went out and made such a trope. Now that's dedication. See Sex for Solace for more.
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