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Antheia: I cut-and-pasted over all the character-specific tropes I could find in the main article. The character sheet still needs some Wiki Love, but at least it's not empty any more. And given all the Loads and Loads of Characters in Monster, I'd say a character sheet is needed.

Frank75: OK, that makes it all different. I take it back, this page can definitely stay now.

Fast Eddie: Woops. Quick trigger finger on the cut. Sorry for the inconvenience.

insofar: Removed The Woobie for Nina. It doesn't ring true to me. She is not that innocent (she pulls off being a hooker), helpless, and her main motivation is revenge. She may be Woobie-like in her first adult appearance, but that's 2 episodes out of 74. Compare to Tenma, who is pretty much constantly nice, repentant, and full of innocence no matter what happens to him.
  • Pulls off posing as a hooker, surely?