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Tal9922: Question- I never watched the original NGE because it sounded like a downer and my friend told me it wasn't that good anyway. Should I just start with this show, or will it lack the impact if I didn't watch the Original?

Ronin Aquila: If you're a person who actually likes humanity and wants to make the world a better place, stick with this one. If you want to become a wrist slashing emo cynic who rains on everyone's fucking parade and finds the dark cloud on every silver lining and vomits on any hint of positivity and idealism, go back to the hateful original.

Karl Konrad Koriander: Woah, the original never fails to inspire bile. Or is it rather the fans of the original? I for one would actually recommend watching NGE before getting into Rebuild, simply because it makes for a greater emotional payoff that way. Scenes in the remake that would normally get an "Aha, that's cute." reaction out of someone who hasn't seen it's predocessor get a tremendous boost if you can compare them to how the characters acted in the original, IMHO. Not to mention that the feeling of "so similar yet so different" is just exciting. And, again, this is just my opinion, but i think it's safe to say that NGE contains some of the most original, vivid sequences in the history of animation. And who knows, you may end up liking it despite it being a harsh downer. Also, avoid the English dub like the plague. Whether the voice actors were good as their original Japanese counterparts can be debated till the cows come home, but the dub actually removed, edited or added sound effects to some pivotal scenes, completely distorting their intended effect.

Silverevilchao: For some reason, it says that on FUNimation's page, they're licensing Rebuild of Evangelion.'s not out here in the U.S.. Did they say that they picked it up or something? Any release dates?

Also, the original anime, while depressing at times, is pretty freaking awesome. Go see it. Now. Besides, I bet that it'll make Rebuild of Evangelion's contrast much more powerful, as Karl said. Oh yeah, and I'm totally seconding avoiding the English dub, because Shinji's Japanese voice acting alone makes the Japanese dub worth it. I heard that his seiyuu couldn't talk after playing Shinji because they were legitimately screaming.

Captain Joystick: As has already been mentioned, there's quite a bit of emotional payoff sprinkled here and there in Rebuild that isn't going to have the same impact if you have not seen the original. And what's more, to look at this a different way... take a moment to consider that Evangelion is now more than 10 years old, and for good or ill, it has left an impact on its chosen genre, and its medium. Though all this time, it has been known by its name, and by its brand, referenced both visually and thematically by later works in the same medium, and all the while selling loads and loads of merchandise.

Now, I'm the last guy who'd say a shows market impact is a measure of its success. But I am someone who's seen the show, and can appreciate the sort of impression it can leave which inspires people pay tribute to, pour out reams of cash for, or rabidly bash it. No matter what your opinion of the series ultimately turns out to be, I can assure you that it's worth watching. Everything after that is like... your opinion, man.

Karl Konrad Koriander:
Though some may argue he's doing it out of pragmatism to make Shinji more loyal, they tend to be the same pathologically cynical nihilists who deliberately ignore the fact that Gendou saw Yui in Rei when she invited him to the party, clearly stating that he knows that its what his wife would have wanted, making this a genunine (though ultimately failed) attempt at fatherly love.

"pathologically cynical nihilists"? Heh. Anyways, i was just pointing out something in my previous edit that i think, it's safe to say, is pretty plot relevant. One could argue what was the motivation of Gendou when he decided to attend Rei's dinner party, and i'm not denying the fact that there might have been some fatherly affection mixed into his motives. However, that getting Shinji and Rei closer to each other is crucial to his agenda is not something that needs to be speculated on: he states it in plain dialogue numerous times. It's a literal case of spoonfeeding the audience about his plans.

Please excuse me but isn't Shinji God at this point?

More like Shinji+Rei/Lilith+YUI(everyone tends to forget about her for some reason)+Eva-01. And he has to get out of there, sooner or later.

Also, a suggestion: how about removing the spoiler tags and putting one big "SPOILERS!" warning at the top of the page? Since Rebuild is so different from the original, pretty much everything listed can be considered a spolier.

Nabi: Stuck one right above where the examples start.
Library Lass: God, I hope 3.0 and Final don't take as long as the gap between 1.0 and 2.0. Any news on their production?