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04:09:22 PM Jan 6th 2014
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About the amount of tropes relating to poor communication in 3.0 and how WILLE didn't explained to Shinji anything out of apparently pure malice, You Know What You Did being the latest addition.

But when you look at it, it doesn't look like they refused to tell him anything for the pleasure of being jerkasses, but because they simply didn't had the time to brief him properly because they are always interrupted : first time he's brought to Misato in the Command Bridge the fleet is attacked barely minutes after he arrived(and Misato only wanted to confirm his identity at that moment), and when they did began to explain him things in the interrogation room, they get attacked by the Mark.09 four minutes after beginning the briefing, at which point Shinji was fed up by his treatment by his former friends and didn't had enough information yet to know that going with Mark.09 was a bad idea.

Of course we don't know how much Misato was willing to tell to Shinji, but it wouldn't make sense that they didn't planned to told him why exactly he was treated like a war criminal and got a bomb collar around his neck!
12:58:01 AM Jul 24th 2014
Not sure but I'm tempted to sum it up under Idiot Ball as it seems WILLE was busy dribbling/passing it all while Gendo and Fuysuki didn't touch it at all.

Must say, 3.0 ended the way it did not so much Gendo being brilliant (not to say he isn't) but everyone else was STUPID.
10:04:06 PM Sep 27th 2013
Okay, I'm drawing a blank on this myself and I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help.

I dimly remember an Evangelion Abridged series of pretty high quality. Something tells me it was related to the current Ev Abridged series. All I remember of it was that it used the Rebuild version, and the way they did Operation Yashima was phenomenal, and that it ended on Shinji telling Rei that she could "start by smiling".

I can't find it anymore; I just hope it hasn't disappeared off the face of the Internet. Can anyone help?
10:06:47 PM Sep 27th 2013
Never mind, I found it. And it turns out it wasn't as good as I remembered it. *shrug*. It happens.
03:49:59 PM Aug 13th 2013
Does Sakura really count as a Bitch in sheeps clothing. I mean sure she doesn't want to take the colar off of shinji and says to not pilot Eva and give them a break but considering what happens plus the fact that she lost her family because of shinji it isn't like she doesn't have a reason to be angry at him plus if the position was reversed you know shinji wouldn't even try to be kind.
09:30:22 AM Jul 17th 2013
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I'm confused about how the site community views the character of Sakura Suzuhara. According to the Character page when Shinji asks Wille to take off the DSS Choker Sakura mutters, quote: "As if we'd ever take it off" and when she tells him not to pilot an Eva she adds "Give us a break!". However in the Sub I saw the former line was simply "that's never going to come off" and it didn't seem to be said with any malice and the line "Give us a break" was instead "I really do want you to forgive me..." and, unlike the other characters, doesn't try to stop him from leaving.

Was the version I saw an incorrect translation?

Update: I have found a translation that seems more in line with the character page's interpretation but I don't know which is more accurate and the "give us a break" line seemed to be out of desperation and the line about never taking of the choker isn't as harsh as the character page describes it.
03:59:21 AM Jun 1st 2010
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Note to tropers:

"Q (Quickening)" is not going to be the English title of 3.0. We can be sure of that.

1.0: Jo (Beginning)
2.0: Ha (Breaking)
3.0: Kyu/Q (Quickening)

^ Those are the movies' titles in Japan. They're named for this thing. The (arguably cool) "you + auxiliary verb + (not) + etc" title format was done for the English release.
05:04:14 PM Mar 18th 2010
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Hey, Komm Susser Tod syncs up almost perfectly with the final scene in 2.0! Complete with "tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down" playing as the city collapses and debris flies around. Fun coincidence, that.