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code geass colorless memories
this fanfic focus's on the main character of the code geass visual novel game Lost Colors Rai who has lost his memories and has somehow ended up at ashford acdemy takan in by milly and lelouch he attempts to find out who he is and along the way he finds himself in the middle of the conflict between the black knights and britania which side will he choose read to find out

First let it be said that the writer of this fanfic has taken great care to try and fit his story around the events of canon as best he could while making rai fit into the events that happen while having an affect on them as well as the story goes and the writer puts his own threads and idea intro the story. The writer has tooken bits of events from lost colors game as well that fits in with Rai's character but unless you have played the game and translated it as well since it never came out in the west. You probably won't notice it but the writer does add his own stuff into his story as it goes one or two oc's but none that outdo the main characters and he makes sure to keep rai from being a marty sue or a fixer sue though ymmv on that but as it has been said it fits in well with canon and lost colors being true to the main characters portrayal in canon while also including characters from other code geass series (i.e. from oz and akito won't say names) story still going but recent chapters have been whams and has diverted somewhat from canon to some degree while it keeps building on the threads and mysteries the author has put into his story won't say what read it for yourself and you will see.

whether you think this is a good fanfic or not is up to you but in this authors opinion its a really good one and it's still in progress and will go strength to strength anyways check it out for yourself

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