Reviews: Twelve Ounce Mouse

What could be said about a series like “12 oz Mouse”?

Some love it, many others hate it. For many people, is just a stupid, nonsensical show. Perhaps it is: Many people expected this to be something like “Aqua Teen Hunger” (It was made by the same creator, after all) just to find a weird story of some sort, about a drunk, crudely drawn green mouse with amnesia. ..And it was incredibly, incredibly unfunny. But it was supposed to be funny? I think not. There is clearly an eerie, thrilling subtext behind all the absurdity. There is confusing mystery that grows more and more while the series advances, just like in “Twin Peaks” and “Lost”. But the characters are absurd, and the mystery of the story is equally confusing as well. So how we are able to judge a series like it? Some would call this “trash” (And many other worse thing) Never mind, they are on their right to think on that way. But personally, I enjoyed “12 oz Mouse”. I was trapped by its absurdity and nonsense from the very first moment. I loved to follow the strange plots and situations. In some moments, I even pretended to know what all was about. But “12 oz Mouse” is beyond any meaning, is a unique work of art, and probably it would never will be any other series as this. This is the kind of art that the viewer could love or hate. That doesn´t mean that the people that likes it is more intelligent than the people that hates it, it just a matter of different tastes, the result of our different concepts of what is artistic and what is not, what is funny and what is boring. “12 oz Mouse” is, to me, a work of art. From the very first moment that I saw this, I didn´t know very well what to expect…And I wasn´t disappointed for what came next. “12 oz Mouse is 12 oz Mouse”