Reviews: Transformers Rescue Bots

Since when did Kids Shows have this good continuity?

I won't lie, this show surprises me.

I know that Hasbro in recent times has done a lot of good work with kids programing: that other famous flash toy show speaks for itself. But a lighter and softer Transformers.....that surprised me.

It works, and it also has pretty good continuity.

Little things reappear all the time, characters reliably return again and again, and everyone is pretty likeable.

Except maybe the Mayor.

Honestly it makes me wonder if people just put more effort into kids shows these days, or perhaps I just notice it more.

Surprisingly good

At first i was abit sceptical of the series. but over time i actually quite enjoyed it. It has a good premise plus the cockpit for robot mode does make it more believable for the rescue bots undercover work. Overall i give this series a B+ though i suspect it might get better later on.