Reviews: Titanic The Legend Goes On

Undoubtedly the greatest disaster film ever....

That has a rapping dog in it


How in the world somebody could think that making a Disneyfied version of a real tragedy was a good idea? Well, apparently Camillo Teti thought so. Perhaps he considered that if Don Bluth was able to make a good animated movie with many historical liberties he could do that too.

Unfortunately, unlike Bluth, Teti doesn't seem to be able to make a good movie nor even a remotely interesting one: In fact, sometimes is hard to believe that a movie like "Titanic:The Legend Goes On" could possibly exist since it reaches level of awfulness never seen before.

While the animation from this movie is quite poor (With ugly and unappealing designs) is actually not the worst part from this mess: Following a plot which "borrows" several elements from James Cameron's Titanic, almost every character from this movie seems to be stolen from much better animated films like An American Tail or 101 Dalmatians among others). And to get things worse, each of those plagiarized characters are incredibly annoying as well. There are many characters, but Teti doesn't seem to know what to do with them, so he just them in some idiotic or clichéd situations in the dullest, most unoriginal possible way that somebody could imagine.

Want to see a good animated Italian movie? See Allegro Non Troppo and skip this infuriating drivel.