Reviews: Tiny Toon Adventures

This show rocked and still does! =)

I loved Tiny Toons back when i was a kid and still do! I always watch a few episodes on youtube every now and then.

There was just something about it that made you love every episode. And the unique animation the show had really made you appreciate the 90s style of cartoon making which was when carton animation was at its greatest! Bless the 90s!

From all of the wacky comedy, very loveable characters, great pop culture references, and the way the young toonsters always broke the 4th wall, this show was so great!

Anyways i definitely encourage a cartoon lover to give this show a look into, it definitely lives up to it's reputation of having the next generation of special young toonsters to one day take the place of the famous Looney Tunes!

This show will always be a wonderful part of my childhood and have a special place in my heart. My thanks to all of the producers and directors and wonderful voice actors and actresses who brought this show to life! And of course Steven Spielberg! =) Thank you all!

Tiny Toons forever! =)

P.S. Now if only this amazing show could get back on the air...

P.S.S. Oh wait now its back, only on The Hub! Woohoo! =')