Reviews: The Superhero Squad Show

So awful

First of all, the characters. None of their personalities are right. Iron Man is bland, Hulk get's excited over tigers calling them 'kitties', Captain America talks like it's the 30's or 40's,(Though I never read Captain America, so that might be what his personality is like) and Silver Surfer talks in slang. Since when did Silver Surfer talk in slang. They only slightly got Wolverine's personality right. Second, the jokes. What I said about Hulk above pretty much describes them. Bland, repetitive gags about the characters personality, or very lame puns. I suppose the personality think was mean for the show to be funny, but did they really need to make the hulk an Adult Child? Did they REALLY need to make Thor talk like shake sphere? (Never read the Thor comics either, so like Captain America, might be what he's like.) It get's really old, really fast, and little thought is put into this.