Reviews: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

A review of the SpongeBob movie

November 19, 2004 was, for me, a dark day for a cartoon that, for three solid-gold seasons, hit cartoon perfection over and over again. For 19/11/2014 was the day that The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie came out. To many fans, it was good enough. To others, including me, it was the first sign that the series was going to crash and shatter. At the time, I enjoyed the movie somewhat. It wasn't anything special, but I felt it was passable for what it was. But, when Season 4 came along - a season which was a huge step down from the previous three - I realised what the movie was: the beginning of the end for my favourite show. As seasons of the show went by and I refused to watch them, but read about the horrors of them online on various websites, I began to loathe the movie even more. The higher voices, the increased childishness, the overly dark and disturbing tone the show adopted - it all started with the movie, which killed such a gem of a series, in my opinion.

I mean, think about it. Goofy Goober. In my honest opinion, an abomination which, even as a kid, made me feel uncomfortable. The obnoxious song, the sickeningly cheerful restaurant, the fact that SpongeBob and Patrick - two characters who I loved as a kid - are attending this place despite the fact that it's clearly aimed at five-year olds... it's almost like foreshadowing the unforgivable "Squid Baby" episode, where they play with baby toys. The way they grossly eat too much ice cream and SpongeBob's ugly drunkenness in the next scene makes it even worse. Not funny to me, just disgusting and unnecessary padding in an attempt to make it look edgier. The part where they played with the bubbles? Idiotic. The part where they encounter all those bones was pretty cool and dark but also rather grim when you remember this is SPONGEBOB. The "moustaches" thing? Totally ridiculous, and the song that went along with it, I never liked. When SBSP and Patrick get captured and dry out... that seen was strong, until they started singing Goofy Goober again. Mindy was boring, I preferred the original King Neptune, and overall it's just a bizarre overload of childishness, especially the ending song. Dear God.

Overall, though this movie is better than many post Season 3 episodes, I cannot help but blame it for the decline. Everything wrong with SpongeBob now started with this movie. Very disappointing.