Reviews: The Cat Came Back

Oh Dear Man Jesus!

Well, I hadn't thought about this cartoon in a decade or more, but my mum decided it was a good time to remind me of it a few weeks ago.

Basically, when I first saw this cartoon, I was somewhere between five and seven, watching it on the Tony Robinson (Baldrick) presented show Stay Tooned. The first time I saw it, I burst into tears. Nobody can figure out why.

It's a good cartoon, pretty creepy, a combination of the animation style and the content. But I personally just can't watch it without crying. The bloody thing has obviously traumatised me, but after watching it again, I still can't understand what scared me so much as a child, but the fact that as soon as the song kicks in, I'm in tears, means that something is still held back from my childhood terror.

I can listen to the audio without watching, no problem. I can watch the animation without audio, no problem, but the combination is just not right for me. My younger brother has never had a problem with it.

And then they used it for an advert. As though feeling sick every time the Fry's Turkish Delight ad came on wasn't bad enough, I was now dreading another advert.

Anyway, it's got slightly unnerving animation, Poor Mr Johnson is right- that cat is an absolute terror. It's very interesting, the lengths Mr Johnson will go to to get rid of the cat. The beginning makes you wonder where the Cat came from, especially with multiple viewings. But one has to wonder why he took the Cat in, in the first place. The Cat is horrible, in my opinion, but on the other hand, the things that the guy does to the Cat are quite disturbing.

Overall, I hate it, but I can appreciate why others love it. I just have a problem with it myself, which will not take anything away from anybody else's view of it.

Enjoy it if you're already a fan, give it a view if you're not.

PS formatting issues here- I didn't put slashes after every apostrophe. Sorry.