Reviews: The Animals Of Farthing Wood

Animals of Farthing Wood review by Generaallucas

(sorry for my bad English: I'm Dutch)

Officially, Farthing Wood is an tv-series mentioned for toddlers. That is partially true, as it does contain childish dialogs and scenes, but there are parts in the series that should never have been in kids-series. Example's are the drama, violence, death threats, gore and even a bittersweet ending. Try finding that in a normal kid-series.

Let's get to the point: the story is about a group of animals who live in Farthing Wood. their home has been threatend by human expansion. The humans are building a town and are closing in on them. They realize they can't survive much longer, and make a plan: flee together to a national park called White Dear Park. They take an oath, in which they promise not to eat each other and take care of each other when needed.

With Fox as their leader, and Toad (who has been in the park before) as their guide, they move slowly towards the park, as the smaller creatures can't move that quickly. Along the way, they make casualty's due to fires, hunters, etc. (Almost every character in the beginning is dead at the end of the series.)

But finally, they reach the park. Happily ever after? Nope. In season 2, the residents of the park act hostile towards them. A war breaks out between the Farthing animals and the Blue Foxes. This feud also has a lot of casualty's, INCLUDING YOUNG ANIMALS!!!

Also in season 2, we follow the storyline of Bold, a fox cub (son of Fox) who runs away from home. I think he's one of the most beautifal characters ever made in the history of fiction. His storyline is really recommended to follow. (especially if you don't hear spoilers)

In other words, season 1 and 2 are A+ writing. To my opinion, the story is better than the story of movies like I Am Legend , The day the earth stood still and How to train your dragon. Season 3, however, SUCKS!!! It was once again that commericially idiots ruined a beautifal tv-series and turned it into a childisch comedy with the idea: look! your old friends are back, happier than ever! yippie! we're gonna get a little problem, but we take care of it! (compare this with other victims like Brother Bear, Ice Age, Balto and Madagascar )

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