Reviews: Superman Doomsday

The first and best of the DC Animated Movies

The first notable animated outing from the DC Universe since JLU ended, this still remains the best of the new DC Universe Animated Universe. Adapting the runaway hit Death of Superman, the first part of this movie deals with the cataclysmic battle between Superman and an alien monster named (surprise) Doomsday, while the rest of the film deals with the aftermath of his death and eventually his (apparent) resurrection. This is by far my favorite DC film (besides the Dark Knight of course) because it really gets Superman in a way no other adaption really has. He's still the benevolent protector we all know and love, but the film masterfully shows his human side as well in his interactions with his supporting cast. The film deals with the whole "It's not you, it's my enemies" trope surprisingly well, with Lois pointing out that she's been in jeopardy since the moment she met him and that really it's about Superman's "very human, very male" fear of commitment. Sadly, the other DC movies have yet to live up to the high standards this outing set, mostly because they tend so incredibly plot-driven at the expense of developing its cast, whereas this movie is relatively character driven and succeeds because of it.