Reviews: She Zow

Pretty Good

While it's certainly not one of the top cartoons either in writing or animation, She Zow still manages to a fun, quirky show. I think the ongoing little things that only get explained bit by bit—why Guy was chosen as She Zow, Aunt Agnes' past, and so on—to give some depth to the more shallow bits of comedy.

Sometimes the puns get painful, but some of them feel like they're supposed to be lame and are just parodying the old superhero stereotype of spouting horribly punny one-liners. Overall I found the humor very good though like with any kid's comedy show there are jokes that just fall flat.

For what it is, that is a light-hearted romp, She Zow is pretty good. I feel it's not offensive about gender roles as it involves the siblings having to do things they don't always think about but the other does and they both grow as people from it. It's poking fun at the various things we associates as being "for boys" and "for girls" by making the other gender have to do those things and often realize they're not that bad and doing them won't somehow destroy your life.

In the name of all creative works, SOMEBODY STOP THE PUNS!

In other circumstances I would attempt a more insightful analysis, but...*shudder*...those puns.

For the sake of my remaining sanity I will assume this show was meant to leave viewers partly thinking wtf like any widget series, although I'm unsure as to whether this would fit neatly into that category.

If you like it, fantastic. If you don't, you'll probably need a few days to determine your reason for hating it.

And to those who do hate it, I don't know if/what I should be offended at either.