Reviews: Sanjay And Craig

It Gets Better Every Time!

What a cute little show, it's a shame not enough people have seen how it grown it's beard so darn long since "A Tale Of Two Slithers"; there was even an article saying that the creators wanted it to be "Less Fart and More Heart" and I believe it from the progress they've made! there's more Character Development, more action, more interesting gags, more breathtaking Science-Fantasy stories, ect.

Go watch Sanjay and Craig and don't be blinded by "Fart Baby" or "Unbarfable" because there is so much beauty in this Cult Classic of a Nicktoon.

people need to give this a second chance

A lot of people are judging this by the first episode centered around butt replacement surgery and I agree that it's not for everyone's taste, but it's astounding how much smarter and funnier the other episodes are. It's almost like they hired a Fanboy and Chum Chum writer on the first episode and then let the Pete and Pete writers come in. It has a lot of surreal and over the top imagery that fits well into the flashback on that part of your childhood when you tried to be a really really radical dude, and thus its non-sequitr. Also it's clear that there's a ton of adolescent punk and heavy metal influence in the show, and it fits perfectly. Not to mentions there are a lot of little references and easter eggs in the show that I"m kind of surprised but really glad Nickelodeon approved of. And since Nick Studio 10 is dying and nobody's watching Sam and Cat it gives me hope that Nickelodeon is returning to it's glory days.

Oh, and the animation and how the characters move is pulled off really humorously.

Not bad..

I think this series is...OK. The animation is pretty good in my opinion and I chuckled at a few jokes. Overall, decent series.