Reviews: SHREK

It\'s like an hour and a half long headache

I've been putting off watching this film for a while now, but with so many memes, I feel like I sort of had to check it out at some point, especially considering people have practically been treating it like a religion for the past decade.

And so I watched it...and it was painful.

The story: a reverse Cindarella story? Wow, I've only seen that 50,000 times over. It's nothing special, it's very predictable.

The humor: There are three types of humor in this movie Lame parody, mostly Disney, that's so bad, it would make MAD blush Fart, butt and several other gross jokes that aren't funny, they're just gross. I'm pretty sure even 12 year olds would be above some of these jokes, honestly. And one or two good jokes, sprinkled in, which are very few and far between,such as that joke about Ogres being like onions (which would be funnier if it wasn't so run into the ground)

The characters: The characters are either ugly as sin, have voices that make you want to stab your ears out or are plain unlikable. Oh yeah, and Eddie Murphy. That guy's voice is more or less a stamp of death to me.

The animation: Drab and dreary in all the wrong ways. There's a way to do this style, and it's the opposite of this. It all looks worn, bland and just unappealing to look at.

The music: Not to bad, actually, but oh wait, they didn't make the music

Final thoughts; What the fuck even was this movie? It's annoying, gross, immature and just painful to sit through. How the hell did this get such a cult following?

Honestly, Dreamworks should be lucky they got stuff out like Prince of Egypt and How to Train your Dragon. Because, if I only saw this when checking them out, I would have boycotted the entire company.

Okay... Awesome... Okay.

The first Shrek film was the sort of movie where I can't complain about much, but unfortunately, can't complement much either. It's the sort of movie that just comes and goes. When I watch it, I consistently find myself thinking: "Huh? Over already?" (But unfortunately, not because it's so fun to watch). Okay, I'll give one compliment: It's certainly an original concept. And one complaint: Shrek is too much of a jerk to symphantise with.

Now, Shrek 2 is a Surprisingly Improved Sequel if I ever saw one. Not only is it much funnier as well as much more exciting than its predecessor, but (given that they didn't originally plan to make sequels) it quite surprisingly manages to avoid feeling like merely a tacked on adventure. Rather, it feels like a natural continuation of the first film's plot, going into more detail on why Fiona was put in the dragon's keep and showing us just what she was princess of anyway. I also think just the way they use Prince Charming as a vane, egotistical Mommas Boy and Fairy Godmother as a big name potion distributer who uses supposed Happily Ever After endings for her own ends makes it a more clever spin on fairy tales than the first film. Oh, and Donkey becomes much funnier when you add his rivalry with Puss.

Unfortunately, Shrek the Third doesn't keep with the awesomeness of Shrek 2 and instead largely falls into the same category as the first film. Like the first film, it just comes and goes without leaving much of an impact, but it also suffers from a very, very uninspired and predictable plot. Really, you can tell EXACTLY how the film unfolds by just watching the trailer. Still, I don't think this film is much worse than the first one; if anything, it may be slightly better (but it feels worse because it's a huge step down from Shrek 2).

I have neutral feelings torwards the planned fourth film. The only Shrek film to really impress me so far was Shrek 2, so I guess from here, the only way to go is up.

Good, Great, Meh, Good

Shrek could have easily gone into Seinfeld Is Unfunny territory after all these years. what wirth the countless rip offs, and sequels. but The first film manages to be clever and funny. why? beyond the fairy tale stuff, it has a very good story with likable, funny characters. Especially shrek, who you feel bad for the whole time. donkey also shows how to do an Annoying" side.

Add a really good moral to that, and you have a solid film. Shrek 2, is one of my favorite animated films of all time. the jokes come a mile a minute, and are all funny. the characters are better, and the story is very clever and has a lot of heart. shrek/fiona is great and it has one hell of a climax. an Even Better Sequel if i ever saw one

Shrek So Okay Its Average. it's not as bad as everyone says it is, but it's weak. it has some really good, and clever ideas, and shrek goes through the right emotional journey. however, a lot the story is a cluttered mess, with some cliche parts and the jokes are very few and far between. also, the king gets a really bad death scene that felt like a kick in the nuts to a great character. not a bad movie, jsut not a great one.

Shrek 4, is much better. the story is interesting, it's funny, the characters go through the right changes, and it's paced very well with a good villain and some great action. it's also tear-jerking at times and gives us a good tribute to the first two films. not as good as 2, but on par with 1

Watch shrek 1, 2, and 4, and skip 3. It's a series that is still solid, despite it being a cash cow.

Shrek the Musical: Actually really good

Let's be honest, nobody expected this to be good. "Shrek the musical" sounds like nothing more than a cheap cash-in on the popular series. However, what I found when I saw it was actually a very well-made musical. It's actually very funny and clever for the most part, the jokes are actually very funny, and most of it is a better even the original film. It also has a lot of emotion mixed in with the humor, and Shrek's tale of being an outcast due to being an ogre is genuinely moving in some parts. However, it does fall flat in some regards. One part it falls is trying to emulate the film, presenting jokes that, while funny a decade ago, have by now become old-fashioned, and even painful to watch at times. Thankfully, these parts are few and far between, the Duloc song is the only one taken from the original film and most of the jokes are newly created. All in all I would recommend this musical, I think it was much better than the films and one of the best musicals I've seen. It's no Billy Elliot or Spamalot, but it's still very entertaining in its own way.

Fairy Tales just got better

This series of animated films is probably one of the best ever. Bedtime fairytale stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty can kiss Shrek's ass.

The first movie was great. I loved Mike, Eddie, Cameron... oh, EVERYBODY! The second movie OWNED the first movie. Everything got funnier and just... better. The third movie was better than the first and second combined! King Arthur is one of the greatest stories ever, and adding a high school setting made it better! The fourth one I've only seen one time, so I don't remember much. But from what I do remember, it was awesome!!

As you can tell, I loved this series and I'd totally watch it a million times over!