Reviews: Para Norman

One of the Best Films of 2012. A Perfect 10.

I often said Coraline is very much A Nightmare on Elm Street for kids. Para Norman on the other hand is very much Evil Dead 2 for kids in the sense that it's more of a Horror Comedy if anything as there's plenty of slpatsick used to its advantage given the situation.

Norman Babcock (voiced by Kodi Smit-Mc Phee) has the ability to literally talk to the dead much to the disapproval and much confusion from his father and mother respectively, his sister and pretty much the entire town consider him to be a so-called weirdo. One day a crazy bum and no, it's not Chester A. Bum if you're curious, warns him about the witch's curse and with the task of putting the witch to rest being passed on to Norman himself, he has to set things right or the town is doomed.

Granted, that may be the premise but there's more to it than I made it sound like. There's backstory but it's presented appropriately as a sort of mystery where the characters have to figure out what to do and the script doesn't rely on exposition or dialogue to get it all across. Not to mention the characters are either three dimensional or are simply a hoot to watch. The animation itself is beautifully done with the animators stepping up their game.

The voice acting itself was perfect, they fit each character. Every actor had such perfect chemistry with each other.

The script itself is terrific. It's wonderfully surreal in a way and it very much hit all the high marks to the point of subverting various tropes and there's even moments of sincerity involved along with some atmospheric moments and even homages to the EC Horror Comics and old Horror movies including a "Featue Presentation" bumper you'd see at a Grindhouse flick. As for the moral, it's brilliantly executed in regarding the fact it's about tolerence towards others. I can't find much anything that I have a problem with really.

Granted, it can start off slow but it helps benefit the film more.

If you have children or simply a fan of animation or even Horror movies, I highly recommend seeing this film while it's still out; you won't regret it. Though if this isn't your type of movie and you're concerned if your children will get scared, I still recommend seeing it but if you'd find it too silly then perhaps you wouldn't be in the right mood.

The entire movie, summarized in one sentence.

The best "don't be afraid of those who are different" story ever told in an animated film.

That is my review, in just one sentence. Could be used as a quote somewhere.

Loved this so much!

When I saw Brave earlier this year, I felt underwhelmed about the light tone, the slapstick and mediocre plot. Paranorman had none of this.

The movie picks a dark tone to stick with, unlike Brave, and it pays off with having a Crap Sack World where the bullying of Norman at home and school is realistic but the filmmakers made the world look great and very visually interesting. The character designs lose the Tim Burton-esque designs and gains a creative edge for face work and designs.

Plot-wise, the film is very unique. The anvil of "Treating people like monsters and freaks makes them monsters and freaks later in life" is subtle but rings very true. Norman is a good protagonist who doesn't indulge in Wangst but is realistically bitter. The rest of the characters first come off as stereotypes but gain alot of good character jokes and development. The zombies, I really loved because of how pathetic they were as monsters, you just felt bad that they were getting pummeled by the townspeople. I really liked that they weren't traditional zombies, just more Jerk Ass Woobie mixed with Punch Clock Villain. The Witch was good character too, really the only one I didn't like was Norman's asshole father (I wished he would just get punched in the face).

The humor was really terrific, really pushed the PG rating and it payed off. I fully recommend it, 5 out of 5.