Reviews: My Life As A Teenage Robot

An enjoyable, but not truly standout, series

Sucky review ahoy!

My Life As A Teenage Robot. Just the name of the show itself doesn't exactly fill one with confidence. Doesn't help that it was on Nick, a channel I had abandoned when I was nine for greener, more mature pastures. I finally just watched every episode I could find a few weeks ago out of boredom,'s not bad. Could have used a lot of work, but I actually liked it.

Basic Premise

Some time in the future, the scientist Nora Wakeman creates XJ-9 (Jenny), a robot designed to deal with world-endangering disasters and alien invasions. Said robot, however, simply wants to be a normal teenage girl. And...that's pretty much it.

The Good

-The show just looks good. The retro-1930s/futuristic design works beautifully for this kind of series. This extends as far as the character designs; nothing looks horribly off, and there is little to offend the eyes this time around.

-The main cast is fairly developed, at least as far as "teenage girl in high school" shows go.

-The voice acting is wonderful.

-The action works all right, and in some cases (such as the movie) looks wonderful.

The Bad

-Sheldon. Just...Sheldon. A Stalker With A Crush with a severe robot fetish, that lusts after Jenny simply because she happens to be a robot. Oh, and Word Of God is that had the show continued, their relationship would have been canon. Joy.

-The writing leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the plots have been done over and over in the past, just given a "robot twist" or something. (A "glasses are for nerds" episode is instead a "giant eyeballs make me look like a freak of nature" episode, for example.)

-The third season. The main conflict from the first two seasons was already resolved, so the whole thing just feels tacked on. It was nice that the episodes aired and all (considering how long they were just gathering dust), but only a handful were really worth the wait.

-Does EVERY EPISODE need to end with a corny joke?


Criticisms aside, I actually liked the show. It's nowhere near the levels of Nick's past works, but if you're one of the lucky few with Nicktoons Network, give one or two episodes a shot.