Reviews: Kid Vs Kat

Save yourself the trouble of Kid Vs. Kat

This series could literally have resolved itself in an episode. When given the chance, all Kat does is antagonize the main characters, even though the easiest way to do things would have been to kill the family of the main character, but no, then we wouldn't have a plot now, would we? The animation is lazy and relies totally on the bottom tier of flash animation. The plots make sense, but they are resolved in ways that make me want to throw a brick into my TV (Robots having tickle spots?)

Please save yourself the trouble. Don't lay eyes on this show.

Kid vs. Kat is actually not a bad show.

I had to disagree with Bioflakcake 22's review, the show itself has good plots, characters, settings, relationships and motifs. Yes, the animation is lazy but there's more. Not everything in Kid vs. Kat is bad. Fans went crazy over the Coop and Fiona relationship after the debut of Fiona in the first season 2 episode. This show isn't about the Coop and Kid rivalry but it's about relationships and importantances of life. This is one of the cartoons that to be revived as fans were upset by the cancellation of the show.

If you want a good Canadian/Foreign cartoons and anime like Atomic Betty, Dragonball, Sidekick, Gawayn, Captain Flamingo, Attack on Titan, Grojband, Postman Pat, Jimmy Two-Shoes, Pokemon, Reboot, Danger Mouse, the Raccoons, Doraemon, Redwall, Gundam, Camp Lakebottom, League of Super Evil, Nu, Pogodi! and Being Ian or you wanted to save your eyes from bad Canadians/Foreign cartoons and anime like Boku no Pico, Mega Babies, Sonic X (4Kids only) and Johnny Test (GOSH! I HATE THAT SHOW SO MUCH!) when, this will be the prefect one for you to watch for your own peace.