Reviews: Drawn Together

For Me: Too Gross to Love, Too Funny to Hate

My history with Drawn Together is...complex. I grew up with this show, and it was one of my favorites at the age of 13. However, our family did not have cable when the second half of season 3 aired, and I still have yet to watch the movie. I recently saw a couple of episodes on Hulu, I never thought a show would divide me this much internally. The toilet humor is definitely more than tolerable, even while they lampshade it, but...when the show's funny, it's hilarious. It will make you fall off the seat laughing during one minute and fall off the seat vomiting during the next. It's like the writers had several really good jokes in each episode, but they weren't enough to fill the entire half-hour timeslot so they filled the rest with toilet humor. I guess the main thing that people are divided over is whether the several good jokes make the whole thing worth watching or not.

My favorite character is definitely Ling-Ling, as I love Japanese psychopaths. I find him to be an effective parody of Pokemon, although he doesn't really parody anime in general as much as I think the writers hoped. If they gave him a mech and and an unrealistically proportioned girlfriend, then we'd have something there.

Captain Hero, on the other hand...when I was 13, I was completely revolted by him. However, now that I have been exposed to many low Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonists from shows like Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Married With Children, I have to say that I'm starting to develop a liking for him. He's definitely an acquired taste.

Overall, I guess I like it. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the courage to watch the last half of season three or the movie, but it's not impossible. A couple of my friends have started to develop a small liking for the show, so maybe I will see it someday. Until then, that's my current take on what is possibly the most divisive cartoon show since Renand Stimpy!

Divide it by half

what i mean by that is, you know how it's a show that you love or hate? well, i hate some episodes and love some.

The series has 2 kinds of episodes, some that are like Seltzer and Friedberg like season 1 with the exception of the finale, and half of season 2 and some of season 3. everything that's not that actually manages to be funny.

Season 1 is a desperate but failed attempt to be funny. Season 2 is okay. Season 3 made me laugh a lot.

as for the characters, Captain Hero is the funniest, Foxxy is at first just an excuse for black jokes then she gets better, Clara makes you wanna kill someone at first but then calms down, Wildor is there because for some reason people just wanna give Spongebob a gun, by that i mean make him R rated, Ham is at first just a jerkass but then actually gets funny. Ling Ling is the anime joke but for a joke based on anime a show like this should have used a schoolgirl but maybe that would be so pretty, Xandir is the gay joke but then he doesn't even care about it, Toot is just scary.

So if you wanna watch the show, skip to the season 1 finale. overall, i actually love it

By Virtue Of

Extremely offensive series, offensive by virtue of being the most boring thing on television. Completely uninspired; I even struggled to find a way to say "A decent concept buried under utterly predictable writing", but no, even the concept is tiresome. Entire sense of humor is a struggle for a refuge— in audacity, in vulgarity— but when your entire identity is based around that of a refugee... well, not even the Red Cross could bring succ— you know what I think this metaphor got away from me. In any case. Would rather watch a video of my own alternate reality abortion.