Reviews: Despicable Me

Gru's relationships

So Despicable Me 2 has just been released, and now is a good time to look at Gru's life.

The relationship between Gru and his daughters is remarkably well-written and the gradual strengthening of his love for them is both powerful and believable. To pu things in perspective, he starts off not caring when he believed Edith died in the iron maiden, brushing it off with the fact that he still has two girls left. The relationship then evolves throughout the movie, culminating with his Papa Wolf rescue. By the second movie, Gru's love for his daughters has reached its apex, shown at Agnes' birthday party. Frustrated that the fairy princess he hired cancelled, he makes I very clear that he doesn't want a refund. Gru winds up swallowing his pride and puts on the dress himself to fulfill his promise. The end result gives a very dynamic character with a lot of room for growth.

Gru's Romance Sub Plot with Lucy seems a little forced, and in all honesty the movie would have been the same without it. However, it was still written well enough to avoid having the whole movie Strangled By The Red String. A powerful moment is when Lucy sees Gru on a date with another woma, but she defies Green Eyed Monster and is very understanding of the fact that Gru's obviously there against his will. What ultimately makes the romance work is the fact that every cliche is either avoided or mocked, never played seriously straight.

In the end, Gru's relationships are very well written and add depth rarely seen in a comedy.

Final vote: 9.25. It would have been a perfect 10 if only the romance sub-plot didn't seem a little forced.