Reviews: Dan VS


Dan Vs is one of the best examples of the Heroic Sociopath-lead series I have ever seen. Dan manages to be shrill, assholish, abrasive, and yet strangely loveable. One could call it Black and Grey Morality on a minor level. Dan is an ass, makes no apologies for it, and is clearly a loser, and yet I can't not root for him.

The episodes follow a semi-formulaic approach, with someone slighting, bullying or getting the best of Dan in some way, causing him to declare war on them, dragging his friend Chris into his revenge schemes. It's a simple, even classical formula. The sociopath fights corruption that comes in the form of petty or mundane groups of people turned absolutely sinister. Dan and Chris' dynamic is wonderful, with Dan constantly abusing Chris' charity, while Chris just takes it, fully aware that Dan needs him to get through his life.

There's a sense of comradery among the protagonists, despite their constant anger. The protagonists are losers, but they're harmless losers who are fighting legitimate corruption, comical though it may be. It's a simple, tried and true formula, but it's pulled off very well. I'd gladly skip studying for an exam to watch this show.