Reviews: Biker Mice From Mars

Let's Rock and Ride

I missed out on both the original series and the 2006 revival when they originally aired, but I felt encouraged to give Biker Mice from Mars a try because it had such a large following.

For completionist's sake, I attempted to watch both the 1993 series and the revival. I was not able to watch every episode of the original show, but I was able to watch every episode of the 2006 series, and I liked both shows equally.

The original 1993 series had pretty much everything you'd find in your typical 90's cartoon: A catchy theme song, interesting villains, and loads of running gags and intense action sequences.

I especially liked Rob Paulsen, Ian Ziering, and Dorian Harewood's voice acting as the titular trio Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo.

I understand that the 2006 series had its detractors, but my opinion is that it is just as good as the first series.

One thing I praise is that they actually got some of the original actors to reprise their roles. Not only do Rob, Ian, and Dorian reprise their roles as Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo, but the few episodes featuring the original villains Limburger and Karbunkle even have W. Morgan Sheppard and Susan Silo reprising their roles.

Some of the jokes in the 2006 series may have been a bit on the juvenile side, but there were several poignant themes, like how the Biker Mice returned to Earth so they could find the necessary materials to repair Stoker's regenerator and use it to end Mars' drought.

Perhaps the most tear-jerking of all would be the 2005 series' final episode "Turf Wars", which plays like a rock opera. After defeating the Catatonians for good, our heroes return to Mars to deal with any remaining enemies there.

Vinnie's girlfriend Harley from the original series returns, but she was disfigured while fleeing from the Plutarkians and has betrayed the Biker Mice because she thinks they abandoned her.

She does eventually come to her senses and ends the drought, but appears to give her own life to do so.

Never before have I seen such a bittersweet finale.