Reviews: Paranatural


This comic is virtually flawless. The characters are fleshed out, funny, interesting and likeable; the plot is original (other than the whole 'new kid comes to town, gets wrapped up in its crazy bulls**t' part, which it does well anyway) and has some good mystery to it; the art is awesome (don't worry at the beginning, it gets better rapidly); and the world is cool—we still don't know anything about it and I still wish I lived in it.

Though it is a strong conviction of mine that this comic should be mandatory reading for everyone, in the interest of honesty, the one problem someone might have with the comic is updates: it's updated Mondays and Fridays, twice a week, which is just enough to keep you interested and just little enough to make you weep at night, Also, there are problems with late updates, but it's clear the amount of effort the guy puts into this work, and I still don't think he even does it full-time, so I'm not complaining.

Basically, if you like paranormal fantasy, urban fantasy, action, puns, great art, mystery or citrus fruit, TRY THIS OUT. You'll like it.

This shit be tight yo!

The story of paranatural is one that is weirdly super common;Kid moves into new town turns out town and/or house is haunted and it is now up to new kid to put the spirits back to rest,but what makes paranatural "tight yo" is the characters the characters are all really well written and unlike in most cases of webcomics actually have a reason for their personality and unlike other cases of webcomics the reason make sense and/or aren't the most in your face well no duh reason ever.The series has really only started to actually get moving but it is a read i would reccomend to most any reader of webcomics.