Reviews: Outsider

Lots of potential, but incredibly slow paced so far.

Fist of all, the art is excellent. The spaceships are detailed and well designed, the characters are well proportioned and drawn in natural poses, if a bit off model in certain panelS, and the coloring is really neat overall. The backgrounds despite actually being 3D renders, blend nicely with the drawn characters and definitely give you a sci-fi atmosphere similar to the one from Mass Effect. Also, the panel layout is relatively easy to navigate.

The setting is pretty interesting, with two powerful factions at war and all neutral species ending up destroyed in the crossfire if they don't side with either and the uncertainity that if choosing the losing side will get you exticnt. The Umiak being your typical Conqueror Bug race, I have seen that too many times already, but it is compensated that The Loroi aren't as saintly and perfect as other works with eleves in it, actually they are kind of scary, as probing minds and warring seem to be the norm for them. We are also introduced to a couple of interesting looking alien species, their early inroduction gives chances to develop them greatly in future pages.

This is when things start to get odd for me, the first thing that bugs me in all this is that In how the Prologue we are introduced to all these Human characters that look like they would make interesting companions for Jardin and how they get unceremoniously taken from the plot so early on into the story just to be replaced with the more blandish space elves. It would be really cool if we got to see more of these characters. Second, exposition is rather excessive. Arioch should have kept his exposition on the Loroi a bit shorter or at least tried to hint those details on another way, it seriously slows the pace down and can scare new readers away. Another thing that bothers me is that some Jardin's monologues feel more like something I'd read in a novel than in a comic, sometimes describing things that don't need to be described in words in a visual medium, like this scene here. Can't say it is all bad, some of Jardin's monologues and dialogue between him and Beryl were pretty fun.

Outsider is a promising and relatively young webcomic with lots of potential in it, it just needs to polish a few things here and there and it will work just fine.