Reviews: Marry Me

The dates will be fun. Though the marriage might not be deep.

It was a treat to find Marry Me, and the experience of reading it is fun. This comic has plenty of pros, cheery artwork, engaging story, funny dialogue, & amusing characters. But it also has a lot of flaws, which didn't detract from its enjoyability, but did keep it from becoming better than it could.

The main characters are Stasia, the main pop star whose impulsiveness kicks off the Accidental Marriage premise, her new husband Guy, an all-around Nice Guy with a set of hidden talents, his jealous friend Parker who is Stasia's biggest fan, and Stasia's sister Janny who is the band's voice of reason, as well as pregnant. Because of their differences the characters all play off of each other very well. I especially liked the contrast between Janny & Stasia, the former who I wished the story could have used more & told us more about. How'd she get pregnant, who's the father? Her lost screen time is given to Stasia, though that's not a bad thing because she too is an enjoyable character. Her bubblyness is endearing, and because we hear the most about her backstory, we get to sympathize with her the most, understanding just how bad she wanted to find some sunshine again.

But I can't say Guy & Parker were as endearing. Guy's alright, but he's a little too calm, verging on boring, actually. I've seen good doesn't have to equal boring, but here it did. At least the author tries to put effort in Guy by giving him noble motives & a secret talent. But Parker is annoying. She has no depth, and is just there because... Queer People Are Funny? The two have funny banter, but they're not 3-dimensional characters.

Lack of depth is a problem that the less sympathetic characters suffer from too. Stasia's dad is constantly displayed as the villain, but really, what dad wouldn't be angry & on the hunt upon finding his daughter married someone she had just met? I also dislike how the author keeps labeling certain fellows in their commentary, saying "this guy is a douche" or "stop talking, idiot" when they're often voicing plausible views, like the news commentator who thinks it's a stunt.

The story also has problems. It resolves too quickly, childbirth isn't climatic a 2nd time, & didn't explore its concept enough. So it's an enjoyable comic, but perhaps only the first time around.