Reviews: HERO


I can say without a doubt that HERO stands among the most beautiful comics I've ever read, web based or no. The absolutely stunning art, the use of alt text to bring a quiet feel to it, the unique style of writing, the engaging concepts and settings- everything is delicately and beautifully balanced into something that manages to be meaningful without crossing over into pretentious mess. I do recommend that you read it in long sittings if possible, since the atmosphere it gives you when you do so is the best part of it, in my opinion. This isn't like most webcomics; it does need you to read everything. In fact, the best thing to do is forget the 'web' part and just approach it as a comic.

It probably isn't for everyone- especially since the web format sets up expectations of humour and the like that won't be rewarded, though it can actually be surprisingly witty at times- but it's definately worth at least trying for a couple of chapters, just in case.

Lovely and thoughtful, check.

The atmosphere of HERO is like that of a vivid dream. Thoughtful and beautifully painted, it achieves intellectual and emotional depth without coming off as snobbish or melodramatic. The format of the textual aspect (narration presented in alt text) gives the author space to develop the narrator/protagonist's voice while still allowing the reader to appreciate her artwork in full.

HERO can seem slower-paced and less obviously humor-based than many webcomics, but initial impressions are deceptive: even in the midst of desperate danger, the narration deliberately imparts a reflective air to the situation, and the author is inclined to insert dabs of dry humor in unexpected places. Similarly, if you'll pardon my overenthusiastic metaphorization, HERO is an unexpected pearl in the enormous ocean of amateur webcomickery; this troper would and does recommend it to anyone who can appreciate a beautiful story.