Reviews: DM Of The Rings

A worthy comic to be part of internet history

DM of the Rings is a completed webcomic by Shamus Young started in September 2006, and be argued to be one of the founders of abridging, losing out to Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series by only a month and a half. It's inspired Darths And Droids and a few others, but it's fairly surprising that there aren't more.

Will you like it? To steal an idea from the writers of Darths & Droids, if you like Lord of the Rings or D&D then you'll probably enjoy it. If you're familiar with both then you will enjoy it. As someone who has never played D&D I can confirm that it's perfectly hilarious watching these people stumble their way through their adventures, even if their experiences aren't directly relatable.

It's quite hard to reason why it's so good except that it is, the judge of humour is that you find it funny and Dotr was exceedingly so for me. The core is it's concept, Lord Of The Rings famously inspired D&D but latter has diverged so much, what if D&D players were to play the story with no previous knowledge? Looting and bickering their way through the grand adventure. The concept was genius and it should have inspired more people to follow it's footsteps, although perhaps no other work can claim such an obvious and close and appropriate link between the source material and the parody material. Lord of the Rings is sonorous and epic and serious and the antics of the players are all too easily recognisable as the normal petty little foibles we all have thats so out of place in Tolkien's works, combined with the bizarre metagaming that a roleplaying game creates.

The comic is created from screen caps of the film (and it's a testament to the film that it was a worthy and close enough adapation of the books to allow it) and the writer is very good at matching the pictures to the dialogue. It's easy to skim over them as quick representations of whose speaking and which part of the story we're at, but a close examination reveals perfectly little expressions and an endless source of Aragorn's pot-smoking expression.

This review is a little short but really the best thing to do is click on this link here and read a few pages, if you enjoy it then there's many more awaiting a click on that arrow, if not, maybe this wasn't for you.