Reviews: Super Eyepatch Wolf

An Underrated Gem and Gateway into Anime

I'll admit that before Wolf, I only had a passing interest in anime and manga, often overlooking it whenever it caught my eye for a brief time. Then, one day I had found one of Wolf's videos, this one on Bleach. Interested, I decided to give it a watch and enthralled with the presented media, got into anime more than I had before.

John is a man who shows passion for what he loves without overacting, while being analytical without being uninteresting. He dives deep into the components of what makes the parts of whatever he discusses tick and what doesn't work. Any interest you may have, John can find a way of linking it back to something you've never heard of to get you engaged in that piece of media. Whether it be art, characters, or plots, John can link it back effectively while rarely straying too far from the original subject. Every time he speaks, there's a constant sense of engagement with whatever he talks about, and a talent for instilling that same level of engagement into the viewer. I've only covered a bit about Super Eyepatch Wolf, but trust me when I say that if you have any interest in anime or fictional media in general, there's going to be something you'll enjoy in his videos.