Reviews: Emcee Proph It

A Very New Concept Done Well

There's nothing particularly controversial about the statement "Video Games are Art" nowadays, and there are plenty of videos supporting that argument. However, there are very few entire series dedicated to analyzing each game one-by-one in a comical, over-the-top documentary-style fashion. Emcee Proph It and his spin-off Channel Modestly Proph Itic fill in that void.

Emcee Proph It's work has gotten me (and according to comments, several others) looking all over games for symbolism, artistry and emotion. His show is well structured and has recently reached it's stride with the "No More Heroes" and "No church in the Wild" Videos. Emcee dissects topics to death without ever really repeating himself; he just has a lot to say. All of the history and research he presents is always relevant, and he does a damn good job of backing up his arguments. An initial look at Metroid Prime: Corruption wouldn't make you think it was about the innate violent nature of man and a deconstruction of why people fight, but he makes you take another look and challenge your pre-existing perceptions.

And that's the appeal of the show: PAH Nalysis provides a unique look at the things that make games more than a brief diversion, and it does so in a comical, well-presented way. Though Emcee seems to toss the word 'pretentious' around a lot, he takes what he does very seriously, as evidenced by the conclusion of all the games he's analyzed. "Minecraft Symbolism! Ending Explained", his most popular work, is what turned this troper into a fan. Again, the average person would not have given this much thought to such a seemingly simple game. But clearly, Emcee did, and with each bit of symbolism and ending dialogue he deconstructs, I felt more and more taken a back. It all made sense, every single theory was backed up. It was simply a mind-blowing experience, provided by a random little youtube video about Minecraft.

Between this and his very comical Playthrough/parody Channel Modestly Proph Itic (with hilarious voice actor Modestly Narcisstic at his side), Emcee is changing the way some of us think about video games, and any gamer should at least give the show a shot. You won't be disappointed.