Reviews: You Tube Poop

Give yourself a prrrrromotion!

Youtube Poop is like Spam- you either hate it or you love it. If you're the kind of person who loved the crude, insane humor of Ren And Stimpy or Beavis And Butthead, Youtube Poop is sure to make you at least giggle like an idiot for several minutes. This troper has seen many Youtube Poops, but by far the best ones are the ones starring everyone's favorite sexy fat man, Dr. Robotnik. His "Pingas" has grown to legendary proportions from this. Since there are so many Youtube Poops out there of extremely varying qualities, trying to find one worth watching can be difficult, and many of them are pretty hit-and-miss. But, if you like hearing your favorite cartoon characters swearing like sailors, making sexual advances to one another, doing weird and pointless things, and making references to pop culture and internet fads, Youtube Poop will definitely be something worthy of wasting an afternoon with!