Reviews: Web Original/The Irate Gamer


Okay, so it's come to this, somebody finally reviews the Irate Gamer, wish me luck.

Basically, Chris Bores is the Irate Gamer, he reviews bad games... Or, games he thinks are bad, and usually expects to get praise from viewers, the problem is, he seems to think that outright insulting the game is what gets viewers, no, how you get viewers is honest opinion and explanation, he gives too much opinion, he never exactly explains anything about the game, he just does not stop insulting it, and he seems to pick games at random, including games that are beloved, and then he insults them for problems that make the game challenging, which is what is good about a game usually, he sometimes does things that Serious Business gamers consider serious Taboo, and even casual players, such as using a Turbo Controller in his Contra review, and his research problems, Dear god, his research...

In each of his reviews, expect him to give out a lesser known fact that isn't fact, he seems to either do minimal research or come up with something on the spot. The blatant stealing of jokes, I will not go there, watch his reviews yourself, and take a shot every time he uses a stolen joke. Speaking of his jokes, his original ones just plain suck, and when they are... Well, they are, but his bad acting really makes most of his jokes dull sounding.

And there is also, his ego, he refuses to take criticism, whenever he sees a comment that gives criticism, he outright deletes it to make his video seem better, there was at least one case where he closed off every comment of his Contra review, because it was mostly criticism, and the person who noticed it got removed from his friends list.

He's no Angry Video Game Nerd knockoff, he's an abomination on his own, even if I didn't give much positives, I don't know what positives to give him, and if I did, he probably doesn't even deserve them, this review may not have been detailed, but he's just someone who's just trying to bottle up the Nerd's fury for fame. So, try to steer clear of his reviews, unless you're looking for Research Fails or Wallbangers.